2020 Kelowna Walk to End ALS

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My name is Darryl Borsato. I am an ALS patient and mutant. Not the cool kind with super powers that get to join the X-Men, nor the Teenage Ninja Turtle kind, but an SOD1 mutated form of familial ALS kind. I am the fourth person in three generations to get ALS.  We are walking in honour of my grandfather Charles Agema who died of ALS in 1966, my Uncle Michael Agema who passed away from ALS in 1984, and my mother Christine Agema Stirman who lost her 18 year battle with ALS in 2011.

The Walk to End ALS is the largest volunteer-led fundraiser for ALS Societies across Canada. Family-friendly and fun, it unites Canadians in their desire to put an end to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Celebrate hope for a future without ALS. Honour those we have loved and lost. Show support for the 3,000 Canadians and their families living with the disease.Your generous donations support the best ALS research in the country and enable ALS Societies to provide community-based support to people and families living with the disease.

Please help us end ALS by signing up for the Walk or making a donation.  

On behalf, of the ALS Society of BC board, staff, volunteers, ALS patients and their families, we thank you for your support!

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