2020 Kelowna Walk to End ALS

Linda's Angels

"think of Me" - a poem Lyn wrote a month after being diagnosed with ALS is a beautiful poem about living and cherishing every moment! 

This year marks our third year walking to support those living with ALS.  Our first walk in September 2017 was a grassroots walk where Louise and some friends in Vernon walked to support Lyn who was battling ALS.  Lyn graced our world full of life and such grace - ALS chose her for some reason: likely because she was incredibly strong and had a family who would keep fighting to ensure those living with ALS have quality of life.

on February 28, 2018 Lyn chose to embark on a Magical Mystery Tour as she left this world to be with others who had surcome to ALS.  She willl be soaring high above this year as we Walk to END ALS.    Linda’s AngeLS was formed from friends and family who loved Lyn and wanted to support Louise and Keith as they walked to help fund needed equipment that Lyn used, and after she last to help newly found friends who have ALS and to find a treatment and cure.

From Linda's family - thank you so very much for your donation today.  Your generosity will help those families affected by ALS in so many ways.  When they are having a terrible day it will be something provided by ALS Society that picks the family up and allows them to continue on.  The WALK to END ALS is the largest volunteer led fundraiser for ALS across the country. The WALK to END ALS is about local communities coming together to raise funds and celebrate hope for a future without ALS. Funds received support our vision: supporting Canadians living with ALS and investing in research to make ALS a treatable, not terminal disease.

Thank-you so very much,

Linda's AngeLS

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